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Testing our work

At Felagi we test all our development firmly according to the scenarios below. However, not all of them applies for all types of solutions. Testing is allways done based on a test plan and executed either by our own QA team or an external QA team brought in by the customer.

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Yes you do! We cannot be sure of the quality of your product without any QA and testing resources. Its in your best interest to have QA onboard in your project team!

It is widely recomended in the software developing industry to have QA independent from the rest of the developing team. At Felagi we secure this as best as we can thru internal guidelines. However, if you want to you are most welcome to bring your own QA resources onboard. Just remember that the QA you bring along will be responsible for checking that our delivery will be according to spesifications.

We test or demand that our work is tested according to the guidelines given here!