There are no problems -Only solutions

Supporting your solution.

Every system will in its lifetime need support and changes. At Felagi we offer affordable support agreements with our customers on systems we have developed. By using us you will be secured fast and accurate help when needed. Depending on your system and the needs you have we deliver different levels of service-level agreement (SLA).

Depending on your service-level agreement (SLA) with us we will make sure we are there for you when ever you need us. Only by having long term and satisfied customers can we survive in this business.

When key personel which where developing or supporting your solution are (unfortunately it happens from time to time) leaving us, we always use this employees' last time with us to secure knowledge tranfer about your system to other employees. Depending on the complexity of your system we will allways have at least two or more resources at any time knowing your system.

As additional service we deliver system monitoring of your solution. This includes performance, exception and systemlog, database trimming and other necesarry operations needed to make sure your solution is performing at its maximum at all time.

Changes to your system is allways best done by those whom made it. A request for change can be uncomplicated, but it can also have severe effect on your system and be very costly if done by developers not having the full overview of your software. At Felagi we take pride in doing change requests on behalf of our customers on systems made by us as cost effective as possible. Touching systems made by others are a different story which we needs to evaluate in each case.