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Price & Quote

Need estimations of you project or a quote for resources?

At Felagi we do estimations of your project for free. If you have a project idea and written material on this send it to us for an estimation. We promise serious treatment and non-disclousure of your project.

The art of estimations is a tricky one, but by using our experience and know calculation models we are mostly accurate based on the information given to us! But an estimate is an estimate!

At Felagi we are very reluctant to give fixed price on your project, knowing from experience that we and our customer seldom ends up happy. In general fixed priced projects will end up costing you more than hour based.


Felagi Delivers high quality and reliable software development and QA outsourcing services. We use advanced methodologies and leverage deep technology expertise and clear delivery models to customise services to our client's needs. Whether you need long term and continuous development services or just a few additional software developers. At Felagi we can find the right model for you

With hiring a project based team we take care of the whole process and organise the resources at all time to give you the best and most cost effective result. Best suited for customer whom dosen't have their own expertise in System Development and have a clear project thay want to develop.
With Felagi you can enhance your existing in house staff with highly skilled resources or build an entire technical team to implement software requirements you will have complete control of the scope and can manage the development we will provide the right team and the right skillset to help meet your deadlines and make your project success. With a dedicated team you are responsible for and in control of their work load and the whole team is to your disposal only the whole time. Advanteges is that you will have full control regarding your costs, dis-advantages is that you are in in charge of their workload and follow up. Best suited for customer whom have their own expertise in System Development with clear understanding of the system development process!
Do you have a set of services that you need taken care of on regular basis? At Felagi we deliver these kind of services for you.
If you have your own ongoing project and need some extra hands for a short or longer time we can help you out! By a flexible arrangment you can upscale and downscale your project organisation very quickly.

Fair Pricing - For both of us!

We acknowledge the fact that only if both parties are earning money on a project will we get a good product. Cost benefit for you and revenue for us is important, for both of us. That is why our pricing is and will be fair. We will never bid on any project we can't earn money on, and you wont go thru with your project if it dose'nt have a positive cost benefit analysis. Development and support cost is a part of that analysis.

Partnership possibilities

If you lack some of the money needed to fulfil a good and interesting project/product, we could be interesting in taking our part of the costs by partnering up with you! Contact us if this is the case!