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Your Local Office.

Felagi is located in three different locations to better be able to meet our customers demands. All these three locations are represented by independent and separate company entities.

United Kingdom

We have done large projects for UK customers, in fact our largest project so far in our corporation. For now our UK Office is serving the rest of Eourope except our Scandinavian customers.

Locale benefits

  • Local UK based project manager.
  • You are dealing with an UK Limited company which will contractual reponsible
  • Local knowledge of culture and expetencies
  • UK based resources cost the same as our Indian based resources


Since one of the company founders are Norwegian we have great knowledge of Norwegian and Scandinavian culture and work ethics. At Felagi we follow these ethical standards in all of our companies. We have done several projects for norwegian customers over the years

Locale benefits

  • Norwegian based project manager
  • You are dealing with an Norwegian Limited company which will contractual reponsible
  • Locale developer resources
  • Communicate in your own language
  • Scandinavian based resources costs the same as Indian based.


Our Indian company serves all customer directly not from Europe. Most of our skilled developing resources are based here. We take pride in following a high standard of work ethics and treatment of our employees. We acknowledge that without our employees, we have nothing! All our developers are skilled in Western developing process and culture.

Locale benefits

  • Local Hindi and Punjabi speaking project managers
  • Locale development resources
  • High quality work to an affordable price
  • If language is an issue, you will be able to work with our UK office