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Implementing your system

When all development and testing is done we are ready for release and implementation of your system. At Felagi we take reponsibility in coorporation with the customer for as painless transition from old to new system as possible. It is however important to do this as a part of a well defined implementation plan and project of it own. Close dialog with your System administrators are important in this process!

Depending on the size of your project and new system we have different scenarios for delivery and acceptance. Mostly we would have an acceptance from you before implementation for the actual software developed. However, we also offer one month acceptance of the implemented system, to assure that it works the same way in your production enviroment as in our test enviroment.

At delivery we will hand over all source code material to you as presented in our Microsoft Team Services enviroment. If we are not chosen for further support of your solution we will delete our copies of the source code if wanted.

All our work and the solution will be documented according to the original order from you as customer. Included will be in-line source code commenting, technical descriptions (SAD). We also produce User Manuals and other user support documentation if wanted.

Few will now the system better than us when its done. We can therefor offer different kinds of educational courses for your own staff in how to use the system when done.