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About Us

Fèlagi is a word from old norse (language of the Vikings) and means Partner. The english word fellow originates from fèlagi.

Our History

Felagi started up as a limited company in 2012 in the UK by a norwegian. Basing our services on system architecture design and selling outsourcing resourses we quickly came to know our customers needs and pains. Thru this work we learned that many customers are reluctant to take up system development projects by their own using outsourcing resources because of language and cultural barriers, and the fact that many of them didnt have necesarry in-house expertise for such projects. Thats where Felagi came in as their partner and helping them with the planning, analysis and design part of the process. Then the customer desided wheter tho use us as their development partner as well, or go some where else.

In 2015 we started our Norwegian company, acknowledging the fact that many of our customers where Scandinavian and especially from Norway. High cost profiles in these countries gave the opportunity to offer better services to an much lower price. Experincing that eastern europe outsourcing services became more and more expensive we search else where to find suitable partners to a lower cost. We found these in Mohali - Punjab in India. After using hired resources from India for a couple years we took the step fully out.

Late last year we established our own limited company in India to secure more relaible and even cheaper services for our customers. This company are allready fully operational and seeking more employees.

And the story continues....

Our Mission

To help small and medium sized businesses to develop new or re-factor allready existing software to provide them a better tool for executing their core business better. By helping them to avoid the fall pits and jungle of Software development, we can achieve growth for both them and us.

Our Vision

To create a good and sustainable business across language and cultural barriers where customer are satisfied and employees wants to continue working for us. By establising a company culture where employees are aloved to take challenges and dare to fail from time to time we are able to keep them and their competance within our company. This will benefit both us and our customers. Without our employees we are nothing.